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Pulic Open Studio at ComArt. An informal event, hosted by the VPA Graduate students, an exciting opportunity to see and discuss the work undertaken by Syracuse Students. Students working towards their MFAs in Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics, Jewellery & Metalsmithing. will all be showcasing their current work at the Comstock Art Facility. With this incarnation of the Open Studios event we are focusing the ‘Live’ elements of the event. Not only will it be a chance to see some of the finest examples of contemporary 2D and 3D Artwork all of New England has to offer! We will also be exhibiting Photography, Film and Video pieces and taking place throughout the evening will be a diverse range of Live Performance works. There will be something for everyone. We would be delighted to see you there, and most importantly, bring your friends.


And then there was the hassle of setting this whole thing up. Why I volunteered, I still don't know. You know when a room gets too quiet because nobody wants to volunteer, and so in order to break the awkardness you raise your hand? Yeah, I guess it was like that. Fortunately, I couldn't have worked with better co-coordinators. In just, what, 2, 3 weeks time we threw together a really bitching event. There was incredible art EVERYWHERE and plenty of visitors too. No I'm not just saying this because I helped create the event, like the way a mother is unknowingly biased when she says she has beautiful offspring. It was genuinely a pretty great art event.

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