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K160: 2nd Generation

Well.. as you know I'm getting out of dodge in CA, and heading over to NY for grad school. Unfortunately this means leaving behind the boutiques I have established connections with. But, since I have a few friends who are more than capable to continue the brand they'll be taking over K160 Jewelry line! A few rules, I feel, are necessary:

1) Since k160 was established in the Sacramento State classroom, (Art building room, Kadema 160), I feel it's necessary to allow only my fellow students to carry on the name.

2) Do not compromise the integrity of your craft.

3) Pay yourself what you're worth.

4) A strong piece has creativity and skill.

5) Remember your demographic, but never loose sight of your own style.

6) You came into this field because you had a passion for it. If it turns into a job you have stopped enjoying, there is no sense in continuing.

7) As former or current students, do not let this interfere with your school work.

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