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Haystack Convention

As you can tell, we are litterally in the woods.

Also, that's the Atlantic Ocean.

Well, that was fantastic! Eight students including myself were selected to represent Syracuse Univeristy at an Art School convention held at Haystack School of Crafts in Maine. The place was beautiful and being able to eat dinner next to the incredible Amy Stacey Curtis, Wade Warman, and MAD currator... ah crap, what's her name...I need to find this out. She was the coolest. I'm delighted to be going to school with so many opportunities as an artist to grow my network and grow as an artist.

As a wonderful prefix to our Haystack adventure, we visited the Mass MOCA. My only complaint was that we didn't have enough time in the museum. There was a solid amount (pun intended) of three-dimentional work there, and less of the hub-drub flat art. (my derogetory phrase for paintings) (Also, sorry. No. Not sorry.) It was also a deep sigh of relief to see everything there was done with such careful craftsmenship. Ohhhh, well made things make me smile.

If I could Yelp this place, I'd say "Would go again!" And then give it a smiley face.

Catch phrases of the Trip:

"This is grad school vay cay."


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