Moving to New York

I the wake of my excitement I forgot to announce I have been warmly accepted to Syracuse University School of Art. *YESSSSS* This was my first choice... and also the school where my late metals professor recieved his degree. I have choosen a 3-year MFA program and hopefully by the end of my first year, I will have my own class. I never thought I would enjoy teaching, but after discovering the metals program, and having taught smaller classes for a few years, teaching at a univeristy would be amazing. Of course, in addition to being around adult students, I get the perk of being around all the adult toys as well. (not those toys -sicko) *ugh* the tools and equipment I'll have available to me!

Regarding the travels... I have already established a date of departure: July 13th. Since I'll be arriving at Syracuse on Aug 1st, I'm taking my sweet time going from coast to coast. The fianceeé and I are taking a 20 day road trip From CA to NY.

more to come...

Signing off.

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