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Brutally Honest Necklaces

I made a series of these brass necklaces for senior seminar during my last semester of Sac Sate, and to my suprise, not only did my classmates want to wear them, they wanted to buy them.

The irony here is that the reason these necklaces were even created was to voice my opinion on the vainity of labeling ourselves. I have seen too many Princesses, or Juicy women (whatever that means) and a plethora of Brats to ever take self-proclaimed labels to heart. This was my take. Why not declare to the world who you really are, both figurately and literally? Because the truth can often be painful and brutal, and nobody wants to expose their vulnerable side... or so I thought.

I had asked a few friends to select a word that most closely represented their lesser known qualities, and to wear it around for a few days. We discovered, this was a lot harder to wear than we thought. Not only did certain people avoid eye contact, but it made the wearer hyper-aware and vulnerable. I had no idea that these necklaces were able to elicit so much emotion, particularly from the wearer, and so much confusion from the public.

Oddly enough, these have been really fun to wear. A conversation starter? Most certainly.

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