Trilobites date back to more than 500 Million years ago.  Essentially, they resemble a roly-poly on steroids with some seriously impressive armor.  And to make them more terrifying, Moroccan Trilobites have been known to grow up to 2 1/2 feet, but we thought that would make for a ridiculous necklace.  No flava' flave jewelry here... (yet)

This pendant is on a 20" sterling silver spiral chain necklace. and consists predominately of sterling silver, with a thin border of darkened brass for decoration

Fossil Necklace

SKU: NFo001
  • Fossils are fragile.  With this in mind, try not to bang up your jewelry too much.  The jewelry is made of solid metals, no plated or filled, which means they are shower, and exercise safe.  However, the dark color on the silver may get lighter or darker in due time, depending on care.  If you would like to keep your jewelry tarnish free, store it away from oxygen, i.e. keep it in a box or bag, and use a polishing cloth as frequently as desired.  *DO NOT* dip fossils in silver cleaning solutions.

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